Residents of Westboro often call their neighbourhood a village due to what they see as the vibrant, unique culture of a small community.

But, walking around the area, I’ve noticed a disturbing number of sprawling chain stores.

There’s a Starbucks, of course. A LuLulemon, an Extreme Pita, and a Mountain Equipment Co-op.

That’s not to say Westboro is without its charm. It boasts plenty of original offerings, including Retrotown Music, Gotta Paint, and, of course, the aforementioned Tivoli Florsit and the Newport Restaurant.

I guess what disturbs me most isn’t the existence of the stores. They exist everywhere – one Starbucks, or even three, for that matter, can’t take away a community’s personality.

No, what disturbs me is the size of the stores. Not only are they relatively plentiful, but they are massive, and I worry that they might, if left unchecked, take over Westboro.


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