Monthly Archives: December 2009

Things I’ve noticed

Mariska Hargitay’s voice sounds just like Chris Colfer’s, from Glee.

Richard Hammond from Top Gear looks like a mix of David Tennant, and a young Roger Taylor (from Queen).

James May looks like the lovechild of a threeway between Brian May, Janis Joplin, and Stephen Fry.

The songs Jesus, Babe and Ben from South Park are exactly the same.

My dog is adorable.

Well, this is a blog, right, and I am randomly getting more than 0 page views, so just popping in to say: there will be no more posts until after exams! Because I can’t time manage, and because 2000 words won’t write themselves, and neuroscience and Latin exams are harder to bullshit through than English ones.

But I still exist, is what I’m saying here, and one day, this blog will be updated with something substantial. I won’t tell you when – that’s the cliffhanger.