San Diego Day 1.5 – Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I made it in this time! No massively embarrassing moments, except for that time when I measured my bag in one of those metal size racks, and while pulling it out, managed to tip the giant “Does your bag fit in here?” board into my face. Also, I made a kid yawn. Otherwise, the entirety of the airport experience was incident free.

After I got in, I took a bus to USAHostels near 5th and Broadway. It’s an awesome hostel; great staff, great location, great rooms, great people, and cheap. Also, there is an ironing board. Chris.

I walked around the Gaslamp Quarter neighbourhood in the afternoon, got lost in Horton outdoor mall, settled into my room, and had dinner.

Wednesday night, the hostel organized a pub crawl, and I had a great new Le Chateau dress to wear, so me and Serena got way overdressed and went to 3 different pubs: a small one where we watched the Olympics, a larger one with bull riding (not in this dress!), and, best of all, a dueling pianos pub with two very talented pianists/singers who took my request for Somebody to Love and Played the hell out of it.

All of this did somewhat mitigate my disappointment that I totally missed Mardi Gras yesterday (due to the vomiting), and Sea World today, where David and Serena went without me while I was flying in.

Only 5 days left to squeeze it all in, and the conference starts tomorrow!


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