100 things to do in 1000 days IN PROGRESS; #84: Do the Splits (every day).

Okay, this one wasn’t very clear. Basically, for many many many years, I have been thoroughly unflexible. Even when I did gymnastics (at the age of oh, I don’t remember, around 6), I could never do the splits.

So what I plan on doing, every day for however long it takes (in less than <1000 days from now – and yes, I do mean “less than” twice), is to stretch a little bit more each day, until I am finally able to do it. I have enlisted Nat’s help to remind me to do this, so if I fail, we can blame her entirely. If this works, I may go for splits in the OTHER direction. One day, I will be able to out-flex you all.

Where I'm at now.

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