Just thought I’d share…

One of my photos from Flickr has been chosen to appear in the “Schmap” of Ottawa, which is pretty cool. This is old news, but still. I never bragged.

Sadly, this brings my total of, er, things published by people other than me to… (counts) I think 8? Not one of which I needed a journalism degree for.*

*Over Rivers and Hills (book) – poem entitled “Fluffy,” 1997
*Five Minute Voyager – Haven recap, 2003
*Pajiba – New Earth review, 2008
*Pajiba – Unaccustomed Earth review, 2008
*Pajiba – Breaking Dawn review, 2008
*Schmaps – photo, 2009
*The Rostrum – Satire Article, 2009 (website currently unavailable)
*Pajiba – Grammar rant, 2010
*something I’m forgetting?



I am, of course, not counting things published in the school newspaper or Carleton School of Journalism publications, as you would have to be a very special sort of student to get through 4 years of Carleton journalism without any of your stuff turning up there (seeing as how it’s required for courses and such).

And since this post is of no interest to anyone but me, I am going to use the rest of it to link to all my published stuff, because I’m bored and not tired, and would like it all in one place. Yay good judgement at 3:42 am!


You can use this in your online portfolio, and link to the portfolio from LinkedIn. Also, actually make an online portfolio (once you start Ryersoning it up).

Slideshow – The Aphasia Centre of Ottawa, 2007
Centretown News Online – Monarch Butterfly Project to be Unveiled at Nature Museum, 2008
Centretown News Online – CCCA Rejects Plan to Limit Membership to Area Residents, 2008
A whole lot of stuff currently not available on the Charlatan’s spectacular and useful and not at all frustrating new website, 2006-2008
Photo story – Retrotown Music and Guitar Maintenance, 2008
Photo story – A Tivoli Florist Christmas, 2008
Midweek – Owning the Podium, 2010
Midweek – Jazz for Haiti, 2010
Midweek – several other stories which were not featured on the website, but aired during the broadcast, 2010
Catalyst – Sleep Detectives Seek Clues for Clinical Depression, 2010

Carleton Weekly – 2008-2010
And, of course, the assignments I’ve posted here, 2008-present


I have also done copy editing, or other behind the scenes work, for the following:

The Rostrum
The Charlatan
Midweek (Audio Producer, Copy Editor,  Host, and Music Editor)


Scientific stuff:



CNN lab bio


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  1. If you want everything in one place then the stuff that has no links should be in detail since there’s no virtual copy to back you up

  2. What, like copy and paste the entire articles? Anyway, this page is for me, not future employers. When I make a resume-type online-thingamajigy, though, I’ll be able to refer to this page for clarity.

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