100 things to do in 1000 days; #11: Paint something.

Luckily, this one wasn’t very specific, and since I haven’t done any list-y things in a while (7 midterms tends to take it out of one)*, I am counting the following not-very-painterly excursion as “something.”

On February 20th, I took my Australian roommate and her friend around downtown Toronto. When we got to the BATA shoe museum, they were advertising clog painting, which I thought could be awesome.


But what we really got was this:


So I ended up with this:

But still. That is a thing, and I painted it. So #11: completed.

*To be fair, it’s not like I haven’t tried. I had an appointment to give blood on Friday, but my iron was too low; no one has responded to any of my gentle suggestions that they should pay me money for my articles; and I can’t get my ear pierced until I get paid because life costs money. All in good time, I’m sure.


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