100 things to do in 1000 days; #59: Go two weeks without drinking coke (shut up) OR An Ode to Coke.

Those who know me know that I appear, on the surface, to be addicted coke.

Of this variety. No, I am not indicting myself.

So as part of my list, I challenged myself to go without coke for two weeks. At the end of my 7-week run of exams, I was having upwards of three cans a day, so I thought perhaps it would be a good time to cut back. But I forgot I had made it two weeks, so I got super excited last week, and when I checked my list, I was thisclose to pouring myself some sweet life nectar and declaring that it said nowhere on that list that the two week break had to be continuous. But I made it! And in doing so determined that physically, I am not at all addicted. I wasn’t more tired, there were no symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, no headaches, nothing. It’s purely psychological – it’s just easier to pick your favourite drink to go with lunch than to stare at the drinks fountain trying to decide on the equally appealing (or unappealing) options of Sprite, water, fruit juice, Ginger Ale, or milk. A meal doesn’t feel like a meal without coke. It’s the perfect mix of sugar, carbonation, caffeine, and taste. Nothing hits the spot quite like a Coke. Am I scaring anyone? I should be a spokesperson. Hey, Coke! Guess who’s currently unemployed!

Anyway, you know what all this means? I can stop whenever I want to.

Any time.

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  1. pepsi sucks! go coke!

  2. You’re ridiculous, you know :p

  3. I am amazing is what I am.

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