Progress report

It has been 186 days since I started attempting to do 100 things, with 814 more to go. I’m 18.6% done, day-wise, but with only 7% of my list accomplished (12% if you include things in progress, which…you really shouldn’t), I feel the need for a bit of padding. So here’s what I’m going to do (no cheating). I am going to make a list appendage. So to that end, I present:

OTHER Awesome Things I’ve Done While Attempting To Do 100 Things In 1000 Days

  1. Go on a submarine
  2. Go ziplining
  3. Learn to surf
  4. Make a card
See, that’s 4 entire more things. I’d be at 16% if these were on the list, and that’s pretty close to 18.
And for the next 100 Things list…
  1. Go to Casa Loma
  2. Go to Stratford
  3. Go to the Shaw Festival
  4. Sky Dive (once)
  5. Read Dictionary
  6. Go to a Toronto Film Festival (also, be in Toronto in September)
  7. Learn chopsticks FOR SOUP
  8. Read all of Agatha Christie’s books
  9. Read all of Shakespeare
  10. Watch all the Pixar movies and short films
  11. Learn music theory (until at least Grade 2)
  12. Get teacher’s certificate for piano (Grade 8 )
  13. Learn another language (any other language)
  14. Walk the Inca Trail(s)
  15. Go to a Sundance Film Festival
  16. Watch Deadwood, Sports Night, some other TV stuff
  17. Play paint twister
  18. Take a photography class
  19. Take an art class
  20. Watch all the Oscar nominated movies one year
  21. Actually watch all the DVDs you own
  22. Make a Steampunk-y costume
  23. Appear in a movie (extra, obviously)
  24. Recap a show
  25. Watch avi top 100 movies (the ones I haven’t seen, of course)
  26. Get a journalism job (i.e. get published for money)
  27. Complete B.Sc.
  28. Master’s degree?
  29. Get TEFL/Teach English overseas
  30. Listen to one new song a day for a year
  31. Finish all books you’re in the middle of
  32. Learn how to crochet
  33. Organise collections (stamp, shelll, scrapbooking)
  34. Learn Maybe I’m Amazed on piano
  35. Learn carving
  36. Learn how to make a damned origami rose
  37. Zombie run
  38. Watch all animated Disney movies
  39. Watch all Star Trek series
  40. Get Red Cross in swimming (already have Bronze Medallion…I think…)
  41. Memorize 3-5 poems (The Raven, Auden, Highwayman?)
  42. Read 12 looooong books (like The Better Angels of Our Nature, Dickens, etc)
  43. Go to an actual SD ComicCon
  44. Read book sets (e.g. Wrinkle in Time, James Herriot books, etc)
  45. Finish all series (Animorphs, Philip Pullman, Sandman, Terry Pratchett, Hunger Games, etc)
  46. See a solar eclipse
  47. Go Centre Island and the Toronto Islands
  48. Run a full marathon
  49. Take singing lessonS
  50. Fill up sketchbook
  51. Get SCUBA certification

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  1. We could do most of this in a weekend, if only I was there!

  2. I bet I’ll end up getting a lot of them done before the current list is even over. Now if I could start crossing things of THAT list, I’d be happy. Maybe I’ll make a scrapbook tomorrow. Or ice a cake. COME BAAAAAAAAACK!

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