Progress report (the second)

Well, it’s the start of a new year, so I thought it would be appropriate to do another one of these. It has now been 372 days (which is, weirdly enough, exactly 186 days after I did the last one, at day 186; perhaps it’s a sign? Next one on July 6th! I love the internet!) since I started attempting to do 100 things, with 628 more days to go. This means I’m 37.2% done, day-wise, with 14% of my list accomplished – which is actually also exactly twice the 7% I had done last time.

So, like last time, I feel the need for a bit of padding. Again, I have 5 things in progress (probably 80% the same ones…), so that bumps me up to 19%. PLUS plus, I could add two to in progress (whiten teeth – I’ve started, but I don’t know how religiously I’m going to do it; and watch the West Wing – I’m up to season 3), and two to completed (technically, I HAVE watched all of Better off Ted, but I want to watch it again so I catch everything, and, if possible, the DVD special features IF IT EVER COMES OUT; also, I technically have started my world travels – I went to Barbados, Thailand, Finland, and Montreal in 2011 – but I know that I meant that one more as a long-term thing, so I don’t want to cross it off when I’m still in the middle of it). So THAT brings me to 23% which is much less pathetic, but also much less true.

Let’s see where I am in July.


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