100 things to do in 1000 days; #91: Throw bachelorette party for Nataly.

Ok, this one’s kind of a giant lie.


  • My best friend got married this weekend
  • I was the (well, “a”) maid of honour
  • I live in a different city
  • I have class 8:30 Friday morning
  • My brother finished a semester of law and my parents wanted a dinner out to celebrate
  • My mom had cake-related questions which apparently needed to go through me and not the bride-to-be, because who wants to cut out the middle-(wo)man when you could endlessly torture her instead?
  • I suck at party planning, because I have a very solitary idea of what accounts for “fun”
So planning a bachelorette party was…not what ended up happening. Instead, I was asked to make the bouquet, based on this lovely offering, and the cake toppers based on these, and I did, and so with Nat’s permission, I am counting number 91 as DONE. Besides, there WAS a party. And I was THERE.
Picture time!

Han-Kev and Leia-Tali!

Due to eyeball melting, Nat couldn’t wear contacts, and was sad that she’d have to wear purple glasses, which obviously didn’t match with the black-and-white colour scheme of the wedding, so the little wire glasses were a joke that she LOVED, and therefore remained.

My mom is taking a cake decorating class and offered to make the cake.

Close up

“Hey, Donna, you do origami, right? Make me a bouquet!”
“I can make you…a bouquet of paper cranes?”
Thanks to YouTube for the following.

Close up

These pics are all from my dad's phone, and this was the best one of the bouquet we could find.

Plus, this is my blog, and I don’t feel comfortable posting personal photos of someone else’s wedding, so an overdose of me it is!

The final resting place.

Appropriate, no?
I wish you guys all the happiness in the world, and hope to spend a hell of a lot of time in the same city as you in the future. Love you, Nat.

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