Monthly Archives: July 2012

Progress report (the third)

186 days later. Just like I said. I am now 558 days into my 1000-day-long project, which means I am over halfway through. Am I halfway through my list? Well, no, not really, but let’s do this thing.

So that’s 55.8% day-wise, with 18% of my list actually accomplished as measured on this blog. Four more than last time. So not hugely great. BUT. There are some Things To Do that I have Done and not actually written a post on, because I’ve been having computer problems for the last two months. I have, as it happens, completed my stupid degree, with an asterisk (#1). I have completed an archaeological dig (#20). And I guess, technically, six weeks in Italy counts as beginning world traveling (the carefully phrased #100). So that’s 21%.

Then there are the ones still in progress. I’m studying for my driver’s license, filling up a sketchbook, teaching myself songs on piano, and obviously reading books, and watching TV and movies. So by my count, that’s another 9%, which brings me up to an almost not-completely-false 30%. I’m thinking it’s time to get cracking. And that whatever charity I end up donating to for #99 is going to be very, very pleased.

See you again on January 8th, 2013.