100 things to do in 1000 days IN PROGRESS; #5: Get my driver’s license.

The first time I tried to get my driver’s license I was 19. A high school friend had decided it was about time she got hers, and she convinced me to go with. My parents and friends had been nagging me for years to get my act together, but see, this was my thought process:

I hate driving. Hate it. I hate all the places you’re supposed to be looking at once, all the things you could hit, and that there are thousands of other stupid people on the road with you, having to do this same place-watching and thing-avoiding (and according to the nightly news, not doing it all that well). I hate that I’m not in the middle of the car, so I have no idea how much space is on the car’s right. I hate having this much power and money in my control when it could all go so terribly wrong. I hate having horrible life-or-death responsibility. There is a Very Very Good Reason why I didn’t become a doctor (actually, there are several, but let us not speak of the germaphobia, OCD, and general squeamishness).

I know this isn’t a terribly reasonable or logical fear. When other people are driving it’s not so bad. I just pretend I don’t know how hard it is, how easily you can be distracted, how many things could go wrong – they’re confident, they’re probably doing fine. Plus, more reading time for me. It’s a self-confident thing, and an aversion to high-stakes responsibility. This is why despite all of my ridiculous childhood ambitions, I am currently a 25-year-old slacker living at home.

So I let my G1 expire.

But I’m not quite so nervous anymore. There are places I need to be at times that can’t be negotiated, and the right side of the car doesn’t feel so frightening anymore. I guess I just feel ready. Besides, I’m tired of having to be chaperoned everywhere by my younger brother.

So on August 23rd,  I went to the DMV again, this time with another licenseless friend who had finally decided enough was enough.

I will not let it expire this time. Now, there’s no way I can complete this Thing To Do by the end of the 1000 days, but I thought I’d include my progress here, and put “get G” on my next List.

It’s not a bad idea to let the entire internet see your number one form of personal identification, right?


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