Progress report (the fourth)

Another arbitrary 186 days. At 774 days into my 1000-day-long project, I have only 226 days left.

So that’s 77.4% day-wise, with 30% of my list complete (although I still need to write a blog post for 4 of those). That’s 10 more than last time, which is actually the most productive period between progress reports that I’ve had. The list of items in progress is a bit more complicated; there are 8 items I’ve actually written about on this blog, and that are labelled “in progress” on the Master List. But there are also another 13 that I’ve been plugging away at, and just haven’t written about (for example, I’ve been learning to play Somebody to Love on piano for ages, but won’t count it as done until I can play the whole thing perfectly from memory, and then post another unedited video to YouTube to prove it). So if I can manage to get those in before the due date, that’s 51%. And another 25% still seem doable! Which leaves about 24% unfinished (although probably a bit more), which is a perfectly reasonable amount to donate to charity. So this is shaping up pretty decently.

See you again for the penultimate update on July 13th, 2013.


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