100 things to do in 1000 days; #34/40: Watch Se7en.

Oh man, I need to put more uplifting movies on my next list. And I still have Silence of the Lambs to get through.

Again, this project’s goal to help catch me up on popular movie culture (because I am woefully out of touch) is well met (“What’s in the boooox?!”).

SPOILERS start down here

Look, I had a thrilling time and I’d watch it again and everything (damn you, iTunes), but seriously, the guy had how many books in his apartment? Why would he be renting suspicious titles out of the library when surely he had copies back home? Not to mention, he seemed to know his stuff pretty well. I would have bought it more easily if he’d taken out those books YEARS ago, and collected copies/planned the murders at a later date. And while we’re spoiling things, I’d also like to point out that I knew (but oh, how I hoped I was wrong) what was in that box and why, the moment I thought of which two sins were left for the missing bodies.

SPOILERS end up there

Unfortunately, I rented this one off iTunes, and when intending to go back and rewatch something I missed in the beginning, I accidentally backed right out of the movie. I am not renting it AGAIN just to watch 10 seconds of footage, so could somebody tell me: what did David Mills say to the reporter? Did he just give out his name, or was there any more information he shouted to the guy as he ran out of the building? I’ve checked the online scripts, but they all seem to be from an earlier draft. Help me, internet community. You’re my only hope.



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  1. A bit late, but to answer your question: David Mills only says one thing to reporters and anyone who isn’t a police officer or the big bad throughout the entire movie: “Get the fuck out!!” The reporter just repeatedly yelled “I’ve got a right to be here!”, because reporters.

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