100 things to do in 1000 days; #34/39: Watch Goodfellas.

I have seen the first 5 minutes of GoodFellas about 25 times, now.

This is the hardest time I have ever had trying to watch a movie. It’s not on Netflix (US or Canada) or Hulu. That’s fine, I’ll stream it. Nope, none of the streaming links work, and the ones that do are way too jerky. It’s probably my computer’s fault. I’ll restart and it will be the only window open. Nope, still not working. Fine, I will rent it on iTunes. Forgot the password. Forgot the credit card code. Reminded of password! Remembered credit card code! FINALLY it’s downloaded! No, it hasn’t. Why isn’t it downloading? Restart the computer. It works! No it doesn’t. Play. Play. Play? PLAY! Why isn’t it playing? The computer froze. Ok, I’ll try again. It works! Nope, it doesn’t seem to have loaded past the first few minutes. I’ll try logging out and logging in. It works!


Anyway, thankfully I finally got it to play the whole movie, all scenes in a row. Figures that the beginning scene is the one scene in the entire movie that is repeated. Twenty six times. There were a couple more hiccups, where I lost sound and the picture froze, then jumped forward a scene or two, but with some careful rewinding and only minimal breaking of ALL AVAILABLE OBJECTS IN MY SURROUNDING AREA, I have finally completed GoodFellas.


I like this reviewing movies via list. I think I’m going to make it a thing.

  • Not sure if it’s blasphemous or hipster-cool or whateverthehellyouwanttojudgemeby to say this, but GoodFellas was SO much better than The Godfather. If only this one was in trilogy form, I might watch all three. As it is, I’m still having trouble working myself up to watch the next two Godfathers.
  • Just by watching GoodFellas, the entire foundation of pop culture seems to have been laid bare for me. Contemporary American Poultry, for one, suddenly makes a lot more sense. Also every reference to the mob I have ever seen on my TV screen ever. No biggie.
  • I have Layla stuck in my head. Oh well, things could be worse.

Also, FYI, I am now 14.5 books into my shelf, so even if I haven’t finished much on the List in the last few weeks, I have been plugging away. I have also been getting sidetracked by Raising Hope and Elementary (thanks to the omnipotent, brilliant, and fantastically beautiful Nataly, and also fever dreams). So you know, important, life-affirming things. Being unemployed and aimless is awesome!

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  1. So you’re liking elementary? I’m torn about whether I should start but hey, 2 weeks to hobodom and counting so maybe I should?

    Also, at least the next two will be with me becauseirefusetowatchitalone so that’ll be better maybe? Also Rick and I will likely be drunk so that’ll be fun to watch.

    Finally, I’m freaking out, Burt! Do my thing, do my thing!

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