100 things to do in 1000 days; #80: Witness an eclipse.

Unfortunately, when I put this on my list, I didn’t take into account the fact that I do not get to choose when the next eclipse will be, nor do I set the level of awesomeness. So the best I could do, in this particular set of 1000 days, was the tiny little lunar eclipse that happened last night. How tiny? “It [was] such a shallow eclipse that it[ will have] be[en] mainly of academic interest and very difficult to detect.” Well, fine. But it was also, apparently, a full moon, a flower moon, a rose moon, a strawberry moon, and best of all, a supermoon. So I went outside at 10:45pm and actually observed the night sky.


One of the wonderful things about this list is that it forces me dip into little pockets of knowledge that I might have avoided, ignored, or been ignorant of (which was sort of the point). Astronomy is fascinating and I’ve always wanted to learn more about it, but where to start? Putting a little thing like “go outside and put eyes in direction of sky one night” on the list made me aware of penumbral lunar eclipses and supermoons and that this website exists. I learned that you can take a perfectly good picture of the moon with your little point-and-click Canon, no telescope required. And, if you’ll excuse the sentimentality, I learned that it doesn’t have to go dark in the middle of the day for the sky to show you wonders.


I will, however, still put this same item on my next list, and keep my eyes open for more…actually visible astronomical events.


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