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Residents of Westboro often call their neighbourhood a village due to what they see as the vibrant, unique culture of a small community.

But, walking around the area, I’ve noticed a disturbing number of sprawling chain stores.

There’s a Starbucks, of course. A LuLulemon, an Extreme Pita, and a Mountain Equipment Co-op.

That’s not to say Westboro is without its charm. It boasts plenty of original offerings, including Retrotown Music, Gotta Paint, and, of course, the aforementioned Tivoli Florsit and the Newport Restaurant.

I guess what disturbs me most isn’t the existence of the stores. They exist everywhere – one Starbucks, or even three, for that matter, can’t take away a community’s personality.

No, what disturbs me is the size of the stores. Not only are they relatively plentiful, but they are massive, and I worry that they might, if left unchecked, take over Westboro.

Show Me That Smile

It’s depressingly cold outside, but Dr. Jordan Pettigrew makes it his mission to put a smile on your face.

Regardless of the weather, the economy, or any other harbingers of doom, Pettigrew puts time and effort into coming up with advertisements aimed at revealing the pearly whites.

His effort doesn’t go unappreciated – at last count, this dentist has 29 “fans” on facebook.

Friendly touches like this are par-for-the-course in Westboro. Next to Moe’s World Famous Newport Restaurant is the Douvris Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, which boasts “Elvis Trains Here.” Appropriate for a building just seconds away from “Elvis Lives Lane!”

A Tivoli Florist Christmas

As you walk down Richmond Road, you will pass Tivoli’s Florists. And you won’t be able to miss it.

Tivoli has updated its window displays to reflect the coming of Christmas, and the result is breathtaking.

In Westboro for 12 years, and Ottawa for 8, Michael Corbeil’s Tivoli Florist has provided residents with unique flower arrangements for any occasion.

“Tivoli came from a commerce degree from Carleton University, and a lifelong interest in gardening,” he says.

Christmas season starts immediately after Halloween season ends, on November 1.

“We could start earlier, people ask for pieces earlier. But the longer we store Christmas stuff, the longer we have to look at it!” jokes Corbeil.

Christmas season comes in stages. It starts with tree decorations, which is what Tivoli advertises and sells for the first half of November.

The second phase is outdoor decorations.

Finally, in December, comes the floral arrangements.

But the store is still selling regular arrangements, which are wanted year-round.