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100 things to do in 1000 days; #34: Watch 20 [21, apparently] great old movies.

With the completion of The Godfather III, this is DONE. And you can’t say I was easy on myself. There were fun movies and short movies, but also three-hour-long, tedious, infuriating trilogies, and when movies came in groups, I watched them all (see: The Alien Movies, The Back to the Future Movies, the aforementioned Godfather Atrocities). I loved some, liked some, and hated some, and I feel like I’ve expanded my cultural knowledge. This item’s a keeper – I think I’ll have it again on my next list.

100 things to do in 1000 days; #47/50, 51: Watch the Alien Quadrilogy.

My continuing education of the world of sci-fi movie geekery continues to continue. There’s not a heck of a lot I have to say about this series. I have now seen it. I consider it seen. New knowledge of pop culture references achieved. Sigourney Weaver gets prettier with age and her name is impossible to spell.



clearly equals this:

alien eggy

But in the interests of completion, here are some more half-assed reviews™:


  • Slow beginning, effective middle and end
  • *nods* Yes. Yes, I liked that.


  • I enjoyed it more than the first (it was more entertaining/didn’t take so long to get going, and I liked more of the characters – Bishop!), but I don’t think it was as good a movie.
  • I hate what it did to Ripley’s character. She went from a smart, sane, and kick-ass woman to a damsel in distress whose only saving grace was her brand new maternal instinct. And as much as I enjoyed them, I didn’t see the need to add in a forced love interest and family dynamic.
  • Funny how she never mentioned any interest in getting home for her daughter in the first film.
  • Overall, I’m not sure which ship had the dumber crew. But in this case, Hudson couldn’t die fast enough, Jesus Christ.


  • Well, that took forever to get going and felt utterly pointless.
  • But hey, Pete Postlethwaite!

resurrectionAlien: Resurrection:

  • I suppose there were ways that could have been worse.
  • Evil!Ripley was pretty cool. Completely pointless otherwise, but I needed SOMETHING to enjoy.
  • You know what the Alien series needs? More stupid people! Even STUPIDER people!
  • Whiniest. Robot. Ever. With constant lower lip malfunction!

Ranking: The order of release. They should have stopped at two.