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100 things to do in 1000 days; #31: Play paintball (followed by a dinner for winners at Denny’s).

Nearly forgot to post today.

Last August, some friends and I took a ROAD TRIP to South Carolina (which, according to an unnecessarily rude road sign, is reserved specifically for South Carolinians) to meet up with another friend. It was awesome, and copious Community references were made.

I have never played paintball before (because I was afraid of pain, and this was long before the TOOTH ABSCESS OF DOOM that occurred in December), so we made an extra special outing of that.

group shot

It was pretty terrifying at first – the mask you wear to protect your face from flying projectiles is pretty suffocating, so you get to not only look and sound just like, but feel just like Darth Vader! Then there’s the fact that people you can’t see are shooting at you from all directions, and some of them (AHEM) aim to hurt. And the adrenaline rush actually made me shake like a person suffering from actual war-related distress.


But, it was also awesomely exhilarating, and I even managed to win one game (it was a team win, but…let me have my pride).

I am dangerous

I did, however, lose my calves in the war.

And after it all, the best thing ever happened.

Because Denny's is for winners.

Because Denny’s is for winners.

Everyone knows that.