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100 things to do in 1000 days; #81: Do pottery (make a pot or a vase).

Literally two months to the day after Doing Pottery, I was finally able to pick up the completed pieces (painted and glazed by Paul, in the colours requested by me).

pottery is done!


I don’t really have anything interesting or funny to say about it. But yay, 47 Things done!

100 things to do in 1000 days IN PROGRESS; #81: Do pottery (make a pot or a vase).


Technically, this one is done, in that I don’t have to do anything else. But I’m still waiting for both my vase (which could also be a pot) and my bowl (that’s right! I did two potteries!) to be fired and glazed, so I’m not going to cross this one off just yet.

This one was on my list because I’ve never been able to figure out the pottery wheel, and I always wanted to learn. Obviously after one lesson I haven’t mastered it, but I did manage to make a vase/pot-shaped thing from beginning to end, without pinching off the top, or being unable to even start due to flomping and wobbling.

Paul at The Pottery was absolutely fantastic. Funny, encouraging, and patient (even though we were…15 minutes late). His 2 hour Groupon class is a great deal, too.